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Lumos: Sun and Moon Tracker

4.8 ( 5968 ratings )
Wetter Dienstprogramme Foto und Video
Entwickler Luminous Labs

Fast, accurate, and incredibly easy to use, Lumos harnesses the power of augmented reality to allow you to instantly see the position of the sun or moon at any time, on any day! The clean, intuitive interface lets you switch between the sun and moon or see information for a different date with the press of a button. It also shows you sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, and moon phase right on the main screen, with no complicated settings or cluttered menus to navigate! Tracking the sun and moon doesn’t get any simpler than this.

Lumos is the perfect app for:

• Photographers/cinematographers (find the ideal light for your shot)

• Stargazers (know when the moon will be full or new and where it will be)

• Rock climbers (see when your route will be in the shade)

• Solar panel installers (see the path of the sun throughout the year)

• Gardeners (know exactly how much light a location will get throughout the season)

• Couples (plan a romantic moonlit date)

• Anyone else who cares about the sun and moon or spends time outdoors!

NOTE: The sun and moon positions calculated by Lumos are accurate to within a small fraction of a degree. However, as with any augmented-reality app, the accuracy of the projection is dependent on the underlying hardware. If you are seeing inaccurate positions, please calibrate your devices compass and ensure that you are not near any sources of electromagnetic interference (e.g. microwaves, computers, car engines, high voltage lines). Please feel free to contact us if you continue to have issues.

For any questions, comments, or feedback please visit our support site or email (not com). And of course, if you like Lumos please leave us a positive review. We are a small operation and it really helps.